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 Products > USB-to-Serial DB9 RS232 Adapter (Cypress chipset)
USB-to-Serial DB9 RS232 Adapter (Cypress chipset) USB-to-Serial DB9 RS232 Adapter (Cypress chipset)
- only $6.99 (free shipping) out of stock
- connect your PDA or Cellphone to USB

This USB Serial RS232 adapter allows you to add a serial port through USB. It is an extremely useful device if you have a slim laptop that doesn't have any serial ports, or if you already used up all your ports with other devices. Comes in retail pack with drivers on CD.

This adapter uses CYPRESS Chipset. You can find a lot of info on GOOGLE about it. It is a Plug & Play HID enabled chipset. If you are using it with a device that's not HID - you will need to install drivers and reboot the computer for the COM port to show up. To do this follow these installation steps:

1. Connect the cable to your computer
2. Notice an HID device installed in the device manager
3. Right-click on it, and update drivers to the ones on CD
4. Now attach your serial device
5. Reboot the computer
6. You should see a COM port added (COM5 COM6 or COM7)
7. Use this COM port from your communication app

You may need to set Communication Flow Control to None These particular cables may not work with Hardware Flow Control mode. These cables may also not work with devices that need to draw power directly from the serial port. I.e. devices that do not have batteries or power supplies such as a serial mouse. Please check our Prolific cables if you need such operation, or have such devices.

Various USB Serial adapters have different incompatibilities. The most compatible are IOGEAR cables that you can get for $40-50 from large stores. In particular, this cable is incompatible with GARMIN GPS, as so are many others except for IOGEAR.

If you misplace your CD the drivers can be downloaded here

Just $6.99 and shipping is FREE!!! Plus $1.00 discount on each additional adapter!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

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