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Every year we see more computer gadgets. Most of them need to be connected to communicate or otherwise connect to the computer. helps you to find the adapter you need and make the best use of your gadgets.

Even though the trend in the industry is to integrate as much functionality into one device, there are still two other different trends. First is the unwillingness of the end user to upgrade their computer equipment at a cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Computers from two years ago are fast enough to browse the net or type a document, so why the extra spending? For these users, we offer the best value for their money by offering all the new features such as USB and FireWire without costly upgrades.

The other trend is to make devices smaller. The new slim laptops from Sony and Dell are the best examples. They simply integrate USB ports and don't put as many features inside them to lower the size and weight. That's where comes to help you with PCMCIA and USB devices.

And then there is a small fraction of the "artists of the industry" that need to be close to the hardware or troubleshoot important problems. Our IDE products are the best solution for any SysAdmin.

So whether you are an occasional user, a technology curious individual, a pro or a hacker, you need adapters. And there is no better place to get connected than!

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