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Q: I don't know which adapter I need. Can you help me?
A: Definitely. Please tell us what you are trying to connect. We will be happy to assist you.
Q: Why are your adapters so cheap?
A: Because we do not rip you off as everyone else.
Q: You do not have an adapter I need. What should I do?
A: Please let us know!
Q: What is the best way to install an adapter?
A: It really depends:
PCI cards should be first inserted into the computer, then drivers installed.
PCMCIA wireless cards need driver installation before inserting the card.
PnP cards or adapters just need to be plugged in and no drivers are required.
PCMCIA Flash Card readers do not need any drivers.
USB Serial cables need drivers to show as COM port, and maybe a reboot.
USB Parallel cables appear as 'USB Printing Ports' and do not need drivers.
Q: What if I get a defective product?
A: You can return it for refund or replacement as stated in our warranty policies.
Q: How soon will my order ship?
A: Most orders ship within 24 hours. Please check our shipping policies.
Q: How can I get my order faster?
A: Please read our High Priority Shipping Explanation
Q: How can I do a blind dropshipping without any invoices?
A: Please read our DropShip Packing Slip Explanation
Q: I found a typo!
A: Please let us know, and get a 50 cents discount on your order!
Q: I did not find an answer to my question...
A: Please let us know, and someone will try to answer your question!
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