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Selecting High Priority Shipping may expedite small orders up to 2 days. This cumulative effect adds up from our packing process and USPS delivery as explained below.

Every day, we start by packing individual Priority orders first. Then, we pack all large orders if such exist. Then the remainder of the time is spent to pack small inividual orders. During busy days, such as Mondays, some small individual orders may overflow to be packed on Tuesday.

Thus, during busy days, Priority orders may be delivered to USPS facilities one day earlier.

Most orders are shipped USPS First Class and USPS Priority. Selecting Priority makes sure your order is shipped USPS Priority. When subitted to the USPS facility, orders shipped with USPS First Class average to 2-5 days for delivery, while orders shipped with USPS Priority average to 1-4 days.

In this context, "day" implies a USPS business day, excluding holidays but including Saturdays. Average implies 99.5% of orders shipped (199 out of 200).

Delivery within California is the fastest. USPS Priority on average takes one day while USPS First Class may take two days. Delivery to distant states such as MA or NH may average to 3 days for USPS Priority or 2 days for USPS Priority. Delivery to US territories or Puerto Rico may take longer.

Thus, shipping USPS Priority, on average expedites the delivery by one day. Together with the packing process it may add up to two days.

Upon shipment, you will receive delivery confirmation number. Please check the shipment status at USPS Tracking Page every day.

On occasion USPS may try to deliver the package when noone is available to pick it up. In most neighbourhoods with low levels of crime and mail fraud the packages are left in the mailbox or at the door.

In some places, for various reasons, packages are not left. In such situations, mailmen usually leave pink notes notifying you to pick up the package at the USPS office. Occasionally, they forget to leave such a note however, they still scan the package indicating delivery attempt.

Checking the USPS Tracking Page will allow you to see if the delivery attempt was made. And, if so, go to your USPS office and get the package.

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