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 Products > Mobile USB2.0 cable for 3.5" IDE/EIDE/ATA drives
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Mobile USB2.0 cable for 3.5" IDE/EIDE/ATA drives Mobile USB2.0 cable for 3.5" IDE/EIDE/ATA drives
- only $15.99 (free shipping) out of stock
- Highest transfer speeds. Includes 2.5" laptop adapter

Get this Mobile USB IDE cable and connect any drive to any computer in just a few seconds on the go! This model includes a power supply, USB-to-IDE cable and a laptop adapter board. It is designed for external operation with drive without an enclosure. Ideal for data backups/restores and other operations where drives are needed temporarily. Compatible with USB2.0 for highest data transfer speed

More than that, you can connect any CD DVD CDR DVDR to it and get a fast transfer rates up to 52x. Maximum capacity - unknown, but works fine with all 80Gb 120Gb 160Gb and 250Gb drives.

Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and MAC OS. CD includes drivers for Windows 98 only.

Package Includes:
1. USB-to-IDE cable
2. Power Supply (with AC cord) (110V - 240V compatible)
3. Drivers CD (no drivers needed for Win 2000 & XP)
4. Manual
5. 3.5" to 2.5" IDE adapter board for laptop drives

If you want to permanently attach a laptop drive through USB, please consider our small USB enclosures for 2.5" laptop drives. They are smaller, cheaper and more convenient.

Installation Instructions:
1. Attach a hard drive to IDE cable.
2. Attach the drive to an unplugged power supply
3. Plug the USB cable into the computer
4. Plug the power supply into the outlet
5. Wait for 20-40 seconds for the OS to detect the new disk

Just $15.99 and shipping is FREE!!! Plus $1.00 discount on each additional HD cable!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

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